Westinghouse WTA Voltage Regulator and Excitation System Parts for Sale

WTA Modules for sale, WTA300 Modules for sale, M300 Modules for sale, Voltage Regulator Parts, WDR, Brushless...etc.

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*In stock - new WTA M300 modules in original OEM boxes*

Sample listing of WTA modules and parts available...contact us for more information
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Power Drawers
WTA 1100 Amp Power Amplifier Drawer 2189A88G01
WTA Power Amplifier Drawer 6428C66G01
WTA type M300 Modules
DC Current Regulator Limiter ICL 2D79066G01
Instant Current Limiter & PSS Monitor 2D79067G01
AC Isolation Transducer 149D866G05
AC Isolation Transducer 149D866G03
DC Isolation Transducer 688C563G01
DC Isolation Transducer 688C563G02
DC Isolation Transducer 688C563G07
Minimum Excitation Limiter MEL 149D930G01
Minimum Excitation Limiter MEL 149D930G02
Minimum Excitation Limiter MEL 149D930G03
Minimum Excitation Limiter MEL 149D930G04
Maximum Excitation Limiter MXL 149D944G02
Maximum Excitation Limiter MXL-3 149D944G04
Overexcitation Protection OXP-3 149D946G02
Volts Per Hertz Limiter V/Hz 6965D08G05
Volts Per Hertz Limiter V/Hz 6965D08G02
Voltz / Hertz solid state type MVH relay 1351D76A01
Firing Circuit Module 60 or 420 Hz 798A221G05
Firing Circuit Module 60 or 420 Hz 798A221G02
Firing Circuit Transformer Module 6966D21G01
Over Voltage Module 6965D40G01
PSS Power System Stabilizer Sig. Shape Mod. 9185D78G04
PSS Power System Stabilizer I/O Module 9185D75G01
AC Voltage Error Detector Module 149D835G01
DC Voltage Error Detector Module 149D956G02
Signal Mixer Module 149D934G01
Signal Combiner Module 2D97068G01
Power Supply Module +/- 24v 50/60/420 Hz 149D772G02
Forcing Alarm Module Dual 6427C85G01
Exc. System Stabilizer (Damping) Module 149D936G01
Adjuster Follower Module 6965D73G02
Loss of Sensing Module 9186D58G01
AC or DC Adjuster (Motor Operated Rheostat) 149D900G01
M300 Electronic Voltage Adjuster 6540C42G04
Fan And Fuse Monitor (Alarm) Module 149D963G01
WTA Modules
Inverse Time Limiter MXL or OXP 589C371G01
Minimum Excitation Limiter Module MEL 588C637G01
Loss Of Pulse LOP 588C435G01
PSS Power System Stabilizer Twin Lead Lag Module 589C264G04
PSS Freq Deviation Transducer 588C438G03
PSS Aux. Timing 589C208G01
Power Supply +/-15v 588C374G01
Power Supply +/-15v 588C374G02
Power Supply +/-15v 588C374G03
Blown Fuse Indicator 589C626G01
Input Intelligence Panel PT & CT Input 589C222G01
Input Panel Choke S#784A342H01 or 436B460G01 784A342H01
Signal Mixing Module 588C631G01
Excitation Damping 588C642G06
Voltage Error Detector (Voltage Regulator) 588C628G01
Blown Fuse Indicator 589C626G02
Pulse Generator Module 588C639G04
XASV Auto Synchronizer Parts 587C358G01
Motor Operated Adjusters
Motor Operated Voltage Adjuster Assembly 138D969G04
Motor Operated Base Adjuster 138D969G05
Motor Operated Adjuster Type RP 149D899G04